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Modern medicine has become complicated, specialised and more bureaucratic than ever... but it doesn’t have to be with Heidi.

AI-powered workflows loved by
clinicians and organisations


Delegate all your mundane tasks to Heidi. While she’s listening to the consult you can write your next steps and generate all your documentation.


Remove the constraints of your appointment book with Flex consults that give patients same day access and doctors the flexibility to complete at any time.


Use our infrastructure to create your own AI products powered by Heidi’s proprietary models and features - whether you’re a care provider or a software company.

Heidi manages your phone lines, bookings, payments, 
history taking, telehealth, search, transcription, 
documents and coding... while you focus on healthcare.

A clinician co-pilot
that thinks like you

Heidi listens to your consult and generates clinical notes with the magical ability to write anything you don’t want to say out loud.

Command line

Add your thoughts, notes and instructions for Heidi while the recording is happening.

Transform your note

Take your consult notes and transform it into whatever you need letters, certificates, forms or patient explainers.

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A clinician co-pilot that thinks like you

Automate the burden of running your busy clinic with AI

Automate key parts of the clinic experience and discover new care modalities to provide a better clinician and patient experience.

Automated Reception

Heidi automates booking and payments to allow admin staff to focus on what truly matters - patient experience.

No time slot consults

Unlock flex consults to allow patients to book no time slot consults that clinicians can resolve any time with the help of our AI gathered intake notes.

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Automate the burden of running your busy clinic with AI

Sell transformative AI
to your customers in days

Heidi's AI offers a range of advanced features designed specifically for clinics. Streamline your operations, improve patient care, and enhance efficiency with our cutting-edge technology.

Models that run in your servers

Automate administrative tasks, reduce paperwork, and optimise your clinic's workflow with Heidi's AI.

All the use cases in a click

Improve patient outcomes, provide personalised care, and make data-driven decisions with Heidi's AI.

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Sell transformative AI to your customers in days

Transforming healthcare with AI

Our AI model development merges advanced technology with expert medical knowledge. We start with a dedicated team of experienced physicians who meticulously review and curate credible medical sources. Real patient data, anonymised and handled with care, underpins our training dataset. This wealth of information refines our AI models for precise and empathetic healthcare support. Our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of ethics, accuracy, and medical insight drives the evolution of our AI models, making them valuable allies in the quest for improved healthcare outcomes.

Ensuring safety & security for companies worldwide

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Superpowers for healthcare

Discover the transformative power of Heidi AI

Whether you’re a clinician, clinic or healthcare organisation, Heidi has the solution for you.


It’s easy to get started with Heidi for clinicians. Simply sign up to our 14-day free trial and discover how Heidi can transform your consulting experience.

Clinics & organisations

Improve patient care and outcomes with Heidi’s AI for clinics & organisations. Chat to our sales team to tailor the right solution for your needs.

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This is everything I’ve ever wanted as a patient from a tele-health app!
Profile Picture for Zachary King

Zachary King

Heidi patient app user

Partnering with Heidi Health was an obvious choice as they provide a comprehensive digital solution that empowers both patients and our GP teams.
Profile Picture for Nazmi Msamih

Nazmi Msamih

CEO, Doctors & Co.

Heidi allows us to maintain trusting and long-term relationships with our patients by enabling care that is clinically safe, accessible and convenient for both patients & doctors.
Profile Picture for Max Mollenkopf

Dr. Max Mollenkopf

Practice Owner, Whitebridge Medical

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